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Felt the instructions were easy to follow and Jim and Lorie really know their "stuff."
Elizabeth Surh, Tijeras 6th April 2008

Lorie and Jim were very professional and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The training concepts made a lot of sense as it is based on leadership, not just food rewards as in other training. We saw changes by the next day using the techniques we were taught.
Marilyn B., Santa Fe, New Mexico 8th February 2008

We feel it is an excellent alternative to classes which can be too distracting.and we believe that we will get good results long term.
Jim S., Albuquerque, New Mexico 25th January 2008

Very clear and concise presentation. Nice people. A pleasure to have in your home.We practiced the techniques immediately and then sporadically throughout the day and saw immediate results!The techniques are very simple and made perfect sense. Understanding canine leadership helps the owner improvise for their specific situation. I found Bark Busters training to be professional, organized, showing immediate results and most importantly kind and gentle.
Jeanette K., Santa Fe, New Mexico 15th November 2007
Trainer's Comments
This training was with a veterinarian with three dogs including a puppy. We worked on a broad range of behavior and obedience issues.

Jim and Lorie are a super team. They made it very easy for us to see and understand what works best. These natural training techniques are extremely effective and take into consideration the complete home environment and family dynamics. The changes were overnight! We had so much fun with Jim and Lorie on their first visit to our home.
Tammy J., Albuquerque, New Mexico 20th October 2007

It works!
Lynn P., Rio Rancho, New Mexico 27th August 2007

Clear and concise. The presentation was easy to follow.Training by doing, excellent techniques. surprising change in our dogs. A pleasant experience.
Carol S., Placitas, New Mexico 30th July 2007

Bark Busters training has helped us even though we had spent a lot of time studying and trying other techniques before. We have been able to make better progress with your help than we did alone. Thanks!
Nellee T., Albuquerque, New Mexico 30th June 2007

Very positive experience. It met our expectations , plus some.
Barbara V., Placitas, New Mexico 18th June 2007

The training was very easy to understand. The results were immediate.
Charlyne G., Bernalillo, New Mexico 14th June 2007

We saw instant results.
Rex M., Rio Rancho, New Mexico 24th May 2007

Noticeable difference in both dogs the first day!So simple!Great people training!!
Kathy D., Rio Rancho, New Mexico 22nd May 2007

I was already aware of the underlying concept of pack dynamic and leadership so I found the Bark Buster approach very easy to understand, and I've learned quite a bit more.I am now actually looking forward to applying the techniques to situations that I used to try and avoid.
Carla G., Corrales, New Mexico 8th May 2007
Trainer's Comments
This client did a terrific job in implementing the techniques and it was a pleasure to watch her confidence grow with each session.

Easy techniques, easy to follow, and easy to understand.Very nice people. It is unbelievable how quickly it works.
Katie O., Rio Rancho, New Mexico 19th November 2006

I wish I would have had these folks helping me when I got my dog as a puppy.
Kathy Kane, Albuquerque 16th October 2006

Jim and Lorie were patient, answered any and all questions while training us effectively. I agree with the "natural" methods as opposed to clicker, treat training, or anything physical. Since our initial Bark Busters training session, we have two well-mannered pups! Thank you!
Christine Picado, Albuquerque 24th July 2006
Trainer's Comments
Tough separation anxiety case. Dogs highly destructive when left alone. Our first clients. Lovely people.

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